BTA is replacing OTA

The main body of Backpack Travel is the Backpack Foundation in Singapore. With a personal digital identity authentication of tourists as a lever of change, Backpack Travel devotes itself to the blockchain application in tourism industry. Its target is to create the very first borderless travel credit consumption platform in the world.

Backpack Travel Alliances is a global integration of international tourism resources on blockchain, and BTA is replacing the traditional OTA!

Backpack Travel

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Backpack Travel Shield

With the aid of the combination of static and dynamic tourist information, each tourist can be provided with credit assets and exempted from multiple identity authentication permanently on blockchain.


With global integration of quality tourism services, original tourism consensus mechanisms, effective match transaction between service providers and end customers, the BTA platform will prove that decentralization and efficiency is not just phrase-mongering.


Each tourist as an individual "miner",his consumption will be taken as "mining". The tourist will receive the corresponding token reward upon the completion of each tourist behavior. Also, he is able to purchase service products at more favorable price on the BTA platform.

Tourism Credit Consumption

The Backpack tourist credit extension formula can accurately reflects the tourist’s travel consumption ability. It enables tourists to travel without the need of payment in full.

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